12-14 NOVEMBER 2024


Firm unveils ‘better with carton’ campaign as alternative to plastics

Food processing and packaging solutions firm, Tetra Pak, at the weekend, unveiled its ‘better with carton’ campaign to promote sustainable packaging of beverages. The company made the disclosure at a media parley in Lagos, noting that the environmental impacts of packaging with PET bottles were becoming a cause for concern the world over.

Managing Director of Tetra Pak West Africa, Oshiokamele Aruna, noted that not only does carton packaging come with immense health benefits, it also had the potential to be recycled into other useful products.

He said Tetra Pak had been championing the continuous need for safe food packaging for many years and has made safety and health some of its guiding principles.

Using some of the latest technologies to push modern limits of packaging, processing, and service solutions, Aruna said the company has expanded access to safe food in the entire food and beverage industry to deliver safe, standard and high-quality food packages.

He said: “As more companies globally continue to explore alternative packaging materials to achieve plastic reduction targets, the carton has won the heart of many and is certified as one of the more sustainable solutions because it is bio-based, recyclable, and reusable. It can be used to make new paper products within a cycle.”

Director, Tetra Pak West Africa, Clement Sunday, said through the initiative, the company has been to make evaporated milk accessible to millions of consumers, regardless of their socio-economic class.

He said: “We are extending our global commitment to sustainability to our stakeholders in West Africa through an awareness drive and hoping to reach as many as possible in the immense benefits of using cartons in packaging through many activities including sustainability advocacy fora and seminars events which we have lined up for this purpose.”

He added that the campaign would involve an opportunity to share the positive experience of companies already using carton in their packaging to other people.

“The idea is to encourage most of our enthusiastic customers to share their voice on the positives of used beverage cartons so that more are aware of the enormous advantages of carton.”

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